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About us

Syntec Additive co., ltd is an innovative specialty chemical company.
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Rubber additive

Rubber processing Additives
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During the production and application of water-base systems, foam is an undesired side-effect that increases production time, makes it more difficult to fill vessels with the correct amount of paint, and contributes to surface defects such as craters and weak points in the dried film.

Foam control agents are paint additives that are capable to reduce or suppress the stabilization of air bubbles and further formation of foam. They prevent mottled surface appearance and pinholes and give smooth and beautiful films. They also enhance paint film durability and gloss value. At the paint production stage, they help to get pigment dispersions of better yields and lower viscosity.


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Concrete & Metal forming

SYNTEC ADDITIVE Company specializes in developing, distributing and servicing release agents. Our technical support includes assistance in optimizing concrete mixtures for achieving architectural surfaces; release agent compatibility with superplasticizers, coatings, form facings, etc.; and solving other concrete surface blemish problems.
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