C-Release biodegrable type


Bio-base Concrete Forms Release Emulsion

Is highly effective as a forms release or parting compound for cast concrete products. This bio-based formula results in smooth finishes on concrete cast from slurries. In addition to its performance as a parting compound, the product is effective as a rust preventative, protecting the metal forms from rusting during use and storage. The absence of rust on the forms eliminates staining of the

formed piece and serious loss of the forms themselves. It allows the metal forms to stay clean; “hang-up” or excessive deposits on the form edges are virtually eliminated. This product is also biodegradable, which is highly important because of loss into the environment. Because of the high flash, the product is safer than petroleum products. This product is more fire resistant and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Made from a   selection of  vegetable oils and emulsifiers  with additives to help prevent rust and reduce air bubbles, it is manufactured by special machine to achieve good emulsionwith particle resolution.

It is also soluble in hard water, providing high remains when dissolved, with a slippery and slick film layer.