Concrete & Metal forming



C-RELEASE 1 Concrete mould release agent available in emulsified and concentrated form.

C-RELEASE 2 Chemical reactive concrete mould release agent with rust preventive property.

C-RELEASE 510 Concrete mould release agent with biodegrable property.


SYNCURE EM Is an emulsion compound for curing fresh moist plain concrete. It forms a flexible film which prevents concrete drying out during the critical early stages of hydration thus ensuring satisfactory curing of the concrete.





COOLRUST BS a heavy-duty, synthetic coolant concentrates containing lubricity agents, anti-corrosion additives and other components to satisfy the demands of today’s high-performance machining operations.


COOLCUT 40 S is cutting and cooling fluid general purpose.


COOLCUT 40 S II is cutting and cooling fluid with good anti-corrosion for a general purpose.


DEGREASER RED A concentrated degreaser specifically formulated to promote rapid emulsification and solubilization of dirt, grease and oil.