Foam control is required in dozens of industries such as chemical manufacturing, paint ,ink textile auxiliaries, medical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, household and cleaning products, petroleum refining, pulp processing, agrochemicals, metal working fluids, polymers and plastics, and water treatment.

SYNTEC products are designed for both immediate (defoamer) and persistent control (antifoam) formulations, and are available in compound, emulsion, powder forms, non silicone and silicone-based products for aqueous system.


SYNTEC Defoamer & Antifoam Formulations -
Water Based Products


DEFOAMER (Non-silicone type)

  • ANTIFOAM AFN for paint grinding & let-down process.
  • ANTIFOAM DFN for paint, ink and pulp
  • ANTIFOAM DFN 60 for paint, ink and pulp
  • FOAMIN 349 AFN for paint let-down process
  • FOAMIN SFN for paint let-down process
  • FOAMIN TC for paint, ink grinding process.
  • FOAMIN 74N for paint, ink grinding & let-down process
  • FOAMIN ESC for paint, ink grinding & let-down process



(Silicone base type) used  in  the  fermentation  industry  namely  alcohol,  beer,  beverages,  distillery, waste water treatments , winery  products, paints ,ink and  all  latex  product  such  as  rubber  latex  products  glue.

  • ANTIFOAM A31 (Silicone anti-foam 30%)  
  • ANTIFOAM A151 (Silicone anti-foam 15%)
  • ANTIFOAM A11 (Silicone anti-foam 10%)